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Have you ever received an advertisement wich felt like it was custom-made just for you? 

MINDREADER MAG. is a digital magazine which features articles about data rights and gives the user current information about online security. The website has a liveticker where news and tweets are updated directly at all times. The user can subscribe to a newsletter and run a check on his “digital footprint” online right away. Also you can learn a lot about targeted advertisement. 

The creation of a tool that has an educational purpose but is still entertaining and relatable also to work with a relevant topic that affects us all and contributing to the rise of responsibility when dealing with personal data and online behavior is a goal of mine.
The experiment: I gathered as much data about my peers in college as possible. Then I wanted to present them the amount of personal information I found individually. By depicting their data in the form of a print object I wanted to transfer the digital picture of them to something physical and get their reaction on all the data I found, even without being friends with them on social media.

© Paul L.   paul@lindenmueller.org

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